Vintagraphy is now Willow & Olive

Hey everyone - Amy Brinkman here! To keep you all updated - We have changed our shop name from Vintagraphy to Willow & Olive. This name better reflects our new brand which encompasses our product line more fully and highlights what we are really all about: keepsake art for love and wisdom.  Many new products have been added that include wedding gifts, family trees art prints, on-trend gold, canvas art and many other meaningful art & gift items.  Feel free to shop either our Etsy shop or our secure online website. Both can be found below:
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Have a wonderful day!


An update

I have been working on my Vintagraphy shop non-stop and wanted to let you all know you can find me there at:
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I have been so inspired lately; it's wedding season and my mind has been churning with ideas for all the happy couples out there ready to tie the knot. I have been working on lots of new designs to add to the wedding section of my shop. I am adding a new look - more modern and graphic, which will complement almost any decor

My book prints continue to be a fave, but I wanted to expand a bit on the design side and really follow my heart with my designs. I'll continue to add new wedding prints, inspirational art and am also working on nursery decor designs. I'm hoping you will all will love the new art and keep some of them in mind when shopping for gifts.

This blog is really just a placeholder and won't be updated often. But since, I'm here, why not add what I've been working on? Here's a wonderful inspirational quote print with inspirational words by Mother Teresa. It is shown in the chalkboard background, but you can choose any background color from the custom color chart.
The wedding print below is just one of many new designs I have in my shop and includes the name and date of the happy couple and choice of background colors.


Vintagraphy art prints I've designed LOVE YOU - FOR LIKE EVER find them HERE in my shop! 

Just wanted to let you all know that you can find my latest and greatest designs in my Etsy shop, Vintagraphy. You can also click on the shop links in both sidebars. Lots of cool, fun typography and vintage & original illustrations printed on antique book and dictionary pages.

My love of books, my passion for vintage ephemera and art has made this the perfect business venture for me. I am so excited to be completely engrossed in this newest chapter of my life. I am putting my heart and soul into Vintagraphy and am continually working to improve and grow the business.

Yes, I'm still scrapbooking, art journaling,photographing and taking long walks on the beach - my other passions will never leave me. 

I have also taken on a brand new hobby, that I can honestly say has been one of the most rewarding I have ever done....crochet!  I absolutely love, love, love it. I am obsessed! The tactile part of the hobby is what I need after a long day designing on the computer for Vintagraphy.  Thanks to all of you for your continued support of my designs and art. 
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Collaged Cards

Here's a set of cards and bookmarks I made as a gift for my mom. I wish I had made a duplicate set for myself! Very fun and easy to make and she absolutely loved them! 

An easy way to set the tone for a group of cards that are different, yet similar is to pick a similar foundation of colors. For instance, I used all blue or blue-like papers as the background.

Some of the items you'll see used in the set are:

Glass Glitter (love this stuff)
Skeleton Leaves
Vintage Stamps
Old Book Pages
Various scrapbook papers
Glue: Golden Gel Medium
Velvet Ribbon


Just tear your papers, collage and glue other items down and you'll have a beautiful set of cards in no time!

Happy Collaging!


Camping Out Embroidery Style

As many of you are aware, I love embroidery. All styles, from vintage to contemporary... 

Boating season is coming up, which means lots of time outdoors. What a great time to stitch up a fun kitchen towel for our boat's galley! I used one of Sublime Stitching's patterns called Campout.

We love camping out on our boat, sitting around the campfire, hanging out under the moon and stars. Even the smell of our morning coffee is better when camping.


This was a fun project to do - I actually stitched on both sides of the towel, so matter which way it hangs, it always looks great. Have you ever noticed how much quicker you get things done when they have a personal meaning to you? I was able to complete this project in just a few hours.


I added a little extra "fun" to the license plate, since isn't that what camping is all about?

Happy Stitching!