Hand-carved Stamps

I don't know about you, but I have been wanting to try hand-carving my own stamps lately.  More and more often, I see this being done as a craft.  It's inexpensive,fun and highly addicting.  Plus, it's really pretty easy.
My inspiration came to me while out walking on our property.  We have an amazing variety of hostas and they truly have the most beautiful leaves.  Simple, yet beautiful.  One of them really caught my attention.  I got busy with my sketchbook and lo and behold, my first image for a hand-carved stamp came to life.
I transferred the image to the stamp carving block by turning it over and rubbing it into the soft material and began carving.
This was a lot of fun - all it requires is some simple drawing skills, concentration and a steady hand.  I am pretty proud of my first hand-carved stamp.
I used a Speedball Lino Cutter

that I ordered from Amazon. You can check it out here: LINO CUTTER ASST W/HANDLE B/C
I also ordered some Speedy-Cut blocks shown here: SPEEDY CUT BLOCK 4x5.5 BX/6
  from them too, in the smaller size that I found a bit more manageable.
Here's how it turned out!  I love it.  I stamped it with Colorbox Chalk ink which is really quite vibrant.

I can't wait to try my hand it more stamp carving. I will keep you posted as I do more.

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