10 reasons I love embroidery

Ok, I admit it. I absolutely, positively, adore, love and am crazy about embroidery. You know, the kind that makes you want to touch and feel it. The texture, the beautiful colors, the threads. It's one of my newest loves and passions. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would swoon at beautiful threads, get excited at fun, cool patterns. Have a coronary over fine linen. Never. Ahh, never say never.
I took up embroidery for real about nine months ago. I had dabbled in cross stitch before, done some crocheting, was defeated by knitting. But I had never actually done any kind of embroidery. Sure, I have lots of embroidered pillowcases, dresser scarves and aprons here done by Mom and both my grandmas. But, why had I never tried it myself?  Probably because I was and still am obsessed with all things involving paper arts and scrapbooking. Probably because I have been a business owner, manufacturer and designer of those scrapbooking products for over 8 years.  Not too much time for dreaming about playing with needle and thread. But not anymore! Let me tell you my TOP 10 REASONS I LOVE EMBROIDERY and why I have made the beautiful hobby and art a priority and why I absolutely love and adore it.

  1. Hundreds, if not thousands of thread choices. Everything from cotton, to linen, to silk, to wool. Wonderful for someone who loves collecting art supplies. (me) Wonderful for someone who doesn't - keep it simple, sweetheart!

  2. Color, color, color. Oh my goodness, I can't get enough. So many combinations! Thread and fabric, thread and thread. Love it!

  3. Compact and portable. No need to drag out the kitchen sink full of supplies. Just a few skeins of thread, a needle and small piece of fabric.

  4. I can use my own illustrations for patterns. Because I am a designer, I have a plethora of illustrations, ideas and themes that translate into embroidery designs. Some of which will be offered very, very soon to all of you via my new Etsy store.

  5. Economical. I have never, ever done another type of hobby that is so inexpensive to get into. Most floss skeins can be purchased for less than $1. I am talking a few cents here, folks. Hoops are around $4. You can truly get into the hobby for under $20, maybe even less than $15. Patterns too are relatively inexpensive.

  6. I am part of a legacy. I am continuing in the footsteps of my mother and grandmothers and now teaching my daughter the skills.

  7. Easy to learn. You can start stitching right away...no need for super fancy stitches. You can complete a cute design with a simple back or straight stitch. So easy a young kid could do it.

  8. Great gifts! I have made some great gifts since starting embroidery. 

  9. Originality - because there are no hard and fast color rules and what kind of stitch to use where, the same pattern could be done by two different people and each would have it's own brand of uniqueness.

  10. Relaxing, therapeutic. I can't begin to tell you how true this is. There is something about it that just sends me to another world...also, some of my best ideas have come to me while stitching. In addition, the very act of stitching itself, somehow irons out the problems in my brain and makes them relatively smooth and easy to deal with.

So, there you have it...my newest passion in a nutshell. In the coming weeks, I will be concentrating more heavily on embroidery and various aspects of it. I can't wait to share my passion with all of you.
Happy Stitching!

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